Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello, September!

Or as my good friend Sharon likes to call it..."Strength-Tember"

Ah yes, the kidlets are back to school. Beach days and vacations have been successfully completed along with the requisite amount of BBQ's and happy hour sunset shenanigans.

Don't get me wrong, I love summertime! I live at the beach so, there's that. But there is something so refreshing about a brand new and shiny Autumn on the horizon. I'm always eager to get there. The jeans, sweaters and boots, cozy fires and once again, my little village by the sea is just the right amount of not crowded.

What I especially love, as a personal trainer and coach, is that typically many people begin to naturally gravitate towards getting "back on track". It happens just about every year. Make that every year. So if you are reading this and this sounds like you, you are not alone.

I'm always ready for it and this year is no exception. I'm just coming off of the high of assisting my mentor and chief instructor for StrongFirst, Pavel Tsatsouline, this past August. It was an honor not only to assist the Chief, but to watch as four of my strongest friends and students successfully completed the challenging StrongFirst Certification. To say that I am humbled is an understatement and I'll be blogging about this experience in a future post.

To kick things off each Fall at NBKB, I'll typically hold a "Challenge" that is 30 days in duration. Nutrition and general fitness goals are set and, for the most part, those goals are met and success is obtained. 

And then....

It's not.

There will be those that stick with it and continue on a healthier version of themselves and for most, it's a very eye opening experience. But old habits die hard and once that door opens again, it can be difficult to hang on to that discipline acquired during the challenge. You know, when no one is looking and cheat meals suddenly become cheat days, cheat weekends, midweek girls night out, etc.

It's been said that it takes 21 days or 3 weeks to form a habit. Hmmm, in my experience with these seasonal challenges, that's just not the case. We need more time to further cultivate the mindset away from a number on the scale and what one should or should not eat to quality of movement, quality of what we put in our pieholes, and wonderful, beautiful strength!


So this year we will embark on a 10 week "Strength-Tember" Challenge beginning Monday, September 16th! The program focus of course being STRENGTH! 

It's not about a diet, (I loathe that word) or no pain-no gain, (spare me, please). That mentality, in my experience, can only last so long and then something snaps. Either a worn out, starving body, or a stressed out mind needing a break from it all.

Like any other attempt to be successful at something in life, it's about setting goals, having a plan and doing the work. Nothing more, nothing less. Why on earth would taking control of your one and only lifelong vessel be different.

Smart, efficient practice along with common sense nutrition, and recovery is a recipe for long term success. Period. 

It works for me, it worked for my StrongFirst candidates crew, and now I'm dishing it out to all who walk in my studio.

Here's to "STRENGTH-TEMBER"!! 

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