Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making progress and then...

Bam! I tripped and jammed my finger, fracturing it on the way down. My first thought even before the searing pain was, "I can't swing!" My second thought? "I have yoga tomorrow!" Yes, even before the pain hit or at least before I could wrap my head around what just happened I knew that once again I'd be sidelined after months of post op recovery. To make matters worse, a week later I sliced my thumb open on the other hand while cleaning my ninja blades (it's a food chopper, not the fancy teenage mutant kind)!

In between my klutzy maneuvers I was progressing nicely and able to start adding some load to my workouts again with no abdominal discomfort (a big step). I continued my work with Kim on Yamuna Body Rolling,  a regular yoga practice, and 2 to 3 days a week of kettlebells which included turkish get ups, swings, and garden variety lower body lifts. These workouts would also consist of 15-20 minutes of joint mobility work, always. The only goal being to get through the current session feeling good. Not a problem since I was genuinely happy just to be chalked up and moving some weight around my gym.

It's been 14 weeks since my surgery, two weeks since the fall and a week since the ninja accident. Cleans are out. I'm unable to press on the left since I am working through some old scar tissue that I probably would have ignored had I not been forced off training. Since getting serious with the joint and mobility work, it's clear to me that I need to work on my limitations and put in the time necessary to address the big picture. My yoga is pretty ugly but improving each time I am on the mat and again, happy to be there too.

Being content exactly where my body is today is nothing less than being thankful for each day I am blessed to be breathing. Whether it be healing or bruised, perhaps a little softer than I like, perhaps to stiff,  is beside the point for me. Sounds a little naive, maybe even like denial but please don't dismiss it. Having a handle on perspective is huge in terms of recovery and can really change the whole process. I have two arms, two legs, a wonderful family and my heart is beating.

Setting goals for the future and honoring this body where it is today is working for me.

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