Thursday, January 26, 2012

My post op progression plan

As I continue to make post-op progress in my training I'm noticing some changes within my kettlebell practice, most notably, my pistol is gone! Well, it's just not rock bottom and I am struggling to get back up after I break parallel. As a result it's quite clear to me just how much my proprioception, balance and basic "gut" activation I have taken for granted...until now! 

Major surgery to the abdomen will definitely take your midsection out of any movement for quite some time. Planks and pikes have never been particularly challenging for me, in fact I rather like them, since kb training has strengthened my posterior chain over the years my midsection has become quiet resilient (yet another bonus to kb's).

I'll never forget my 1st pistol. RKC Team Leader and friend Robert Budd was at my studio one day and I was struggling to nail it. I had built up the leg strength but just couldn't make it happen! First attempt was with a box, I started the descent and he queued "HOLLOW OUT", I knew exactly what he meant and dropped right into the perfect pistol, barely touching the box! Midsection activated, it was my missing link and "aha" moment. Next he took away my box and this is what happened...caught on film:

So after 9 weeks I no longer feel vulnerable with certain movements and I am making progress with adding load, yay! This surgery has certainly opened my eyes both in my own practice and with clients.

Week 9 workout day 1&3:

15 minutes of joint mobility and hanging from the bar

3 sets of

10 20k deadlift
20 16k 2 handed swing
5 12k goblet squat
5x5 12k clean
3x3 pistol
1 x 1 12k TGU
1 pullup

I also teach a 90 minute Intro class twice a week which for now I count as a workout since I am demonstrating the 4 basic lifts quite a bit in those 90 minutes.

I will continue to do this plan and slightly increase the load, volume and variety as tolerated. I should have that pistol back in no time!