Monday, December 5, 2011

The Active Womans Hysterectomy-Part 2

You Only Get One Chance To Recover

I am now 2 weeks (14 days) Post-op as of this writing and I can honestly say that a weeks time makes a world of difference in recovery,  if you allow yourself to recover. Allow me to elaborate. After week 1,  I felt well enough to go back to the studio and teach my classes. All of my clients knew about the surgery and have been so supportive and helpful, not allowing me to lift so much as a finger.

I felt so good being out and about after being in bed or on the couch all week that I began to run errands after class. Nothing strenuous, just a trip to walmart or meetings with my marketing coach and web designer. Besides, I was sitting at these meetings and I only needed a few things at walmart. I even went to the movies and took a walk around gorgeous San Juan Capistrano 5 days post-op! I felt great so I just listened to my body, or did I?

Trouble is, as a trainer and someone who by profession is pretty used to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), my pain gage is a little wack. If I spent my days in bed because of a little post workout soreness, nothing would ever get done! I failed to recognize that I had sutures I could not see, and if I wasn't careful, they would rupture. I found myself exhausted and instinctively knew that I was pushing it, this and a shooting pain down my right side was enough for me to put the brakes on and rethink my strategy. I remembered a quote I had heard before, "you only get one chance to recover" that really hit home! I checked in with my Dr. who advised me to stay off my feet for several days and "no driving!"

By the weekend my symptoms had vanished however I did not let that guide my activity level. I rested up, skipped some Holiday parties that I really wanted to attend and focused on healing. What I discovered in the process is that "Healing is an activity" I am giving my body exactly what it needs to perform better! I trust recovery and my body needs every ounce of energy that I possess both mentally and physically in order to repair and get back to it's full physical potential.

I am amazed at how happy I am and how great I feel and you know, my kettlebells will be there waiting for me, when I am ready!!

Above is my mid-section 14 days post op. Still a little swelling and bruising but improving each day. The picture is to illustrate the points of entry during the surgery, these points of entry should heal up and shrink down quite a bit over time.


  1. I am going to get my minimally invasive hysterectomy in September and am still nervous. While your blog post has helped calm me down a little I'm still worried. Do you have any advice for someone who's nervous about their hysterectomy?

  2. Hi Joan,
    I too was nervous and it's perfectly normal to feel that way. It has almost been 2 years for me and I am still so glad that I made the decision to move forward with it. I hope that your surgery goes as well as expected and that you recover as nicely as I did.

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