Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How I spent my Summer!!

My poor neglected blog!

Here we are well into September and boy has it been an eventful summer for me both professionally and personally. I feel as though Summer just went right in to Fall and now here I am recommitted to blogging.
Summer at the studio was business as usual in this industry. Lot's of vacations to take and kids out of school it actually feels normal again around here as busy mom's start to find their rhythm again.

I was well on my way to accomplishing my goal for 2011 and get my Level II RKC Cert when I went MIA for the summer AND...Mission Accomplished! It was the hardest preparation and physical training for me that I have ever endeavored upon. The results were amazing for me both intrinsically and externally. I left the 3 day course and boarded a plane for a 7 day extended family vacation to Cancun, I have never felt more deserving of warm turquoise ocean water and an ice cold margarita in my life! Those 7 days with my Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sister and their kids as well as my amazing husband and daughter were some of the best days of my life. Constant love and laughter in the most beautiful setting, well, you just can't beat that.

While on vacation I was asked to assist at the RKC level 1 cert in August, (another goal of mine, but for 2012) of course I accepted! I also was honored to assist Senior RKC's Doug Nepodal and Dr. Mark Cheng at the Idea Fitness Convention the same month. To round things out and complete my whirlwind summer I assisted Senior RKC Mark Toomey and Team leaders Jason Marshall and Paul Daniels on base at Camp Pendleton for a 4 day kettlebell training of Marines! What a rich experience this was for me, to say this was an honor would be an understatement, it was that, and much more.

If nothing else, my eventful summer has made me truly realize how much I love teaching, especially something I believe in, for that matter the constant learning is just as gratifying. Knowledge is something I'll not take for granted. I don't know everything, but what I am sure about and one thing that is becoming much more clear to me is that I must never, ever stop learning and sharing that knowledge.

I am once again hitting the ground running for Fall. Making some schedule changes as NBKB continues to grow, more recipes to share (if only I could make a decent low carb organic mojito), more workshops to attend and bring it all back to share with you!

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