Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taking the brakes off.

It's been a great month and I am beginning to see some real positive changes in the kettlebell practice of regular clients at NBKB. This week in particular we have been working on our shoulder/thoracic spine mobility reinforcing for me the importance of mobility and stability of the Tspine, hip and shoulders in order to move forward with strength in our kettlebell lifts. Two of my clients in as many days have been able to perform a full getup and a windmill for the first time after incorporating a bit more time on shoulder/hip opening drills.

In a sense..Taking the brakes off!

Next month I will be introducing a few more classes where we will be focusing on core resilience and joint mobility/stability. This will compliment our conditioning classes by incorporating a flexibility component into our fitness repertoire. I have found in my own practice with kettlebells TRX and yoga that to sustain any gains there needs to be a connection, a focus on body awareness and not just a KickA@# workout each and every time. As I stated in class yesterday morning "Today, I will be giving you what you need and not what you want". My hope is that both were received!


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