Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living LIFE on Purpose...Not Just This Month.

January is National Be on purpose month. Simply put it is to encourage us to start the new year by putting our good intentions into action personally and professionally and to trade confusion for clarity as we integrate our lives with more meaning and purpose.

I hear the term "On Purpose" a lot, and since Jan. is on purpose month I felt a blog on the subject would be appropriate.

Typically we start the new year with the best of intentions; exercise more, eat healthier, balance our budget and of course the ever popular lose ten pounds. Many of us dive into these "goals" like gangbusters. We buy the latest gadget, take the latest diet pills, install quickbooks etc. It feels great the 1st week. The second week we are still going strong, but my mid February only the guy with a plan is still moving towards that goal.

What went wrong? How do we change? I will stick with the exercise weight loss good intentions for the purposes of this blog. The reality is that unless you are ready to embrace change and make a permanent shift towards a different lifestyle you may want to rethink your goal.

Start small so you do not end up frustrated and injured.

Constantly evaluate where you are. Is your fat/weight loss program balanced? Are you scheduling in recovery? Are you starving? You shouldn't be. I've seen so many well intentioned people fail because they honestly could not refrain from going "balls to the wall", got burnt out or injured and landed right back where they started or worse.

Each day is an opportunity to move toward your goals however, our lives are ever changing and fluid. Because of this, it's a good idea to recognize when we need to change directions. Maybe we are ready to ramp it up, maybe it's a day for massage or active recovery like a walk and some light housework. Balance and consistency are key,learn to use your intuition to be in tune with what the body truly needs. Set realistic goals for yourself and honor where your body is right now in this moment. Only then will it become a lifestyle and in time, goal attained.

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