Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year...KEEP MOVING!

I have always been fascinated with the older, wiser crowd when it comes to conversation. As a child you would find me in the kitchen chatting it up with my Mom and Aunts rather than running around playing with the kids, they would begin to bore me and off I would go to stand on my stool, do some dishes and listen.

I've observed and picked up a few gems through the years but the one that stands out the most to me when it comes to aging well is "Don't let the couch getcha!" I love this one and find myself remembering that when I am well into that 2nd movie or football game on TV.

Movement is the key to aging well, moving well is even better! Add some strength to that and you are way ahead of the pack. At 46 I find that the more immobile I am the more pain is created in my body. When I am giving my muscles and joints the TLC it needs (Yoga and regular massage) I am able to incorporate heavy kettlebell lifting and my circle of wellness is complete. Add in my love for God, Family and Friends and life is pretty complete.

The day's of pounding my body into submission and forcing it to do what I want are over. I have many choices and once I have established a solid nutritional line of defense (not eating garbage), I have an even wider selection of movement choices not just the one that kicks my ass but the one that both kicks my ass and feels good, for me that is kettlebell training.

Yesterday, Turkish Get ups and Yoga because my shoulder was iffy. Today a Swing/Squat ladder!

It's movement, and I am not letting the couch get me!

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