Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gabby's guide to the Holiday Bake and Binge Fest!

For as long as I can remember I have been the self designated Birthday Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Christmas Cookie baker for family and friends. You name it, I have probably baked it. Over the years I have changed out a few recipes and kept those that family waits all year for. One thing I will NOT do is replace said cookies with a "healthier" version unless it is truly undetectable. I just can't do it! Gasp...but Gabby you aren't a health educator, a fitness guru that is supposed to help us make better choices.The answer is YES I am and this is how I maintain my weight through December...

#1 Everything in moderation, period. This goes for diet restrictions (unless medically unsafe) AND exercise. Live a little and clean up your mess, in other words if you know that you will be faced with culinary temptations BE READY! Get your workout in and fill up on healthy options beforehand. Healthy fats and protein will render you too full to eat a plate of Fudge!

#2 If you must bake, wear tight pants! Been doing this one for years and I swear it works. If I bake in my cozies, all bets are off!! Tight pants and a fitted top, I promise you wont "taste" as much.

#3 Wait until the last possible minute to bake and do not overbake! Bake what you need wrap it up and give it away. We always have a reject pile here to keep hubby and kid happy but it gets tossed out after a few days.

#4 Be Full before you begin baking and Chew Gum during! This one needs no explanation other than I just outed myself as a reformed sugar addict!

#5 STOP! Okay so you had a few to many rum balls or whatever...This does not give you license to go bananas and dive into the stale popcorn tin under the tree. Please don't give up. I see this one all the time and frankly it keeps me in business. If I could personally, physically remove you from the situation I would but for now A virtual slap will have to do!!

I keep track of how my clothes fit and yes the scale doesn't lie so I use it during the holidays to stay on track. I have yet to meet a trainer that doesn't take a break on the Holidays and enjoy themselves. The difference is restraint and for me the question I ask myself before I go there is "Is this worthy?" Hershey kisses not so much, my homemade phyllo chocolate chip cream cheese pinwheels, yes please!

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