Friday, December 10, 2010

Change is Good

It can take a while to grasp that notion but indeed for the most part I have found that change is good. As the New Year descends upon us at a rapid pace I am dizzy with anticipation as I am ready to launch my website and open the doors to North Beach Kettlebell on January 3rd.
I've looked back at when I began this blog over one year ago and thought I might delete it and start fresh but as I read through the posts I believe that they still hold true to me and so they remain. The course of my life steered me away from blogging almost immediately for no reason really, I just wasn't feeling it. Along the way lots of changes have occurred and as I gear up for a major life change I'm prepared to recommit to my blog.
Stay tuned as the Studio comes to life...I'll keep you posted!

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