Monday, November 16, 2009

Notes to my 25 year old self...

As I hit 45 last week I decided to make a list or a guide if you will for my 25 year old self...

1) Take care of your skin, all of it and not just your face! Start the neck cream / eye cream at 30 even if you don't need it. Exfoliate everything.

2) Drink your water... it helps with the above and everything else.

3) You can't always eat right so take your vitamins "consistently" A women's multi and EFA's for now adding in what the body needs as necessary (joint supplements,etc).

4) Just because something fit's, doesn't mean you should wear it. This one goes with any age. I've got no business shopping at forever 21 because I am not forever 21 but I can fit in the clothes, nuff said.

5) Don't be afraid to age, it's not so bad. If you embrace it it will look and feel better.

6) Be kind to yourself. in other words if you mess up, get over it and move on that's what you would tell a friend so heed this advice yourself.

7) YOU DON"T NEED A MAN TO COMPLETE YOURSELF!!! And until you get this one I promise you will never be happy. If you can be content with who you are independently you will be a better partner and who doesn't want that.

8) Balance is key. Physical, Spiritual, Mental... work all of these out for optimum wellness.

9) Try new things. Live a little. It's so boring to go through life day in, day out same old stuff. New and exciting experiences will really develop an interesting life for you. If you want to jump out of a it!

10) Stop giving a rats patooty what other people think. Just do the right thing and if others have issue than so be it, carry on.

11) This one is tough but severe ties with people who suck the life out of you and bring you down. You dont have to be mean about it just back away one step at a time until "poof" they find someone else to drain. Wish them well always, they need it.

12) Learn to cook healthy. Healthy food doesnt have to suck or taste bad.

13) Exercise will help you Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Just get out there and find something you like. It doesnt have to be a gym thing, get outside, do something. be "CONSISTENT" that is the key right there.

14) Stressing out wont make the issue go away, it will make it worse. Dont sweat the small stuff and keep the big stuff in perspective.

15) Choose wisely... your words, your friends, your man, what you eat, drink, wear. God gave us free will as a gift so live your life like you know that.

16) Don't judge. Let he who is without blame cast the first stone. And that aint you!

17) The older you get, the less makeup you should wear. You cant hide wrinkles behind makeup.

18) Be charitable. Doing something for someone else and not bragging about it, that is charity.

19) If your man is good to you, loves who you are as you are, let that be enough and be glad. If he doesnt, dont marry him.

20) And on that note...the only person you can change is you and change is good.

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