Friday, November 6, 2009

I Got It From My Momma...

This is a picture of my Mom Gina just before the Carlsbad 5000 5k in 2007.

Her fitness routine currently consists of Tae Kwon Do twice a week, a 2 mile walk every morning at 6:30 am and yoga twice a week.

For as long as I can remember my mom has been healthy and fit. As a stay at home mom with four crazy kids running around she managed to find the time. Whether it was Jack La Lanne or Richard Simmons in front of the TV with soup cans and a broomstick or "jogging" around the neighborhood, she got it done.

Mom didn't use too much processed food either. I don't believe it was conscious, she just didn't like it, still doesn't. She preferred to cook with fresh ingredients and every now and then we had rice a roni or hamburger helper but not too often. (I actually think that was when Dad had to cook LOL!)

My parents bought me my first Gym membership at seventeen and mom showed me the ropes. It felt right because that's what I knew. It was just time for me to do what Mom had always done.

I've been doing it ever since and as you can see, so is my mom.

It's been a bond for us as well as our love for cooking. I don't think she ever knew what an impact her lifestyle had on me and how just taking care of herself and her body shaped who I am today.

We are ALL busy moms these days but if you are feeding your kids Chicken Nuggets and Tatter Tots (don't even get me started on the sugary cereals!!!) That will be all they know.

If we don't make the time for exercise they wont either. Involve them if you have to, take a jump rope to the park if you have to. There is always time, I don't buy the no time thing for a minute...make the time.

I've never met anyone who regretted making healthy choices...have you?

I'm thankful that my Mom did and as for my daughter, time will tell but right now she happily snacks on hummus and whole grain chips for the most part and we eat our share of chocolate and Nerds on movie nights and guess what...that's okay.

Peace and Love

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